Crowdsale & Registering EOS Tokens

EOS Crowdsale with MyEtherWallet - The Complete Guide

Author: Sandwich (the developer responsible for the snapshot code)



How to transfer EOS ERC-20 tokens using MyEtherWallet

What you need to know about mapping an EOS public key to an Ethereum address

How to check how much ETH you have contributed to a particular period/window in EOS Crowdsale using MyEtherWallet

How to check which EOS public key is mapped to your ETH address with MyEtherWallet

Minimizing the cost of gas when claiming EOS using MyEtherWallet

How your EOS tokens move from Ethereum to the EOS blockchain

For use in case sites like eosscan are not working properly.

Author: koyn


Checking current ETH contributions towards crowdsale